Trent Park - Luxury Home in London

Photographed using a professional DSLR camera with a full frame sensor, fish-eye lens and panoramic head. This method gives a much higher quality than using a 360 camera. 
For this property we used both available light and flash lighting, then blended the images to give a sharper look and with more accurate colours.  We built two different versions of the same tour, to show different methods we can offer.

Spherical 360

For this tour we used the 360 panoramic images as they were. On this type of tour we can embed video onto a TV for example, which gives a very immersive and realistic user experience.

Full 3D

Here we converted every wall and piece of furniture into 3D objects. 
The main benefit of this method is that we are able to provide a virtual tape measure, which allows the viewer to measure didtances anywhere in the tour.
Unfortunately embedded video is not currently supported in this typor of tour.